Are you ready for tax season?

Imagine how it would feel when tax season arrived and you had everything ready to hand over to your CPA. Understanding what is needed in order to make your process smooth and easy is necessary in gathering the essential data for your tax responsibilities. At Lasister & Lasiter CPAs, we handle the following:

Our tax preparation & planning services include the following:

  • Tax Planning and Return Preparation for Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, Non-Profits, and Estates & Trusts
  • IRS Representation in the event of an IRS notice or audit

Tax season is coming quicker than you expect and there are things that you can do to help prepare for it so that you can reduce your stress and overwhelm.

One of them is Tax Planning and it can really give you peace of mind when it comes to tax season.  Not only will you gain a better understanding of how the tax system works, you will be able to determine the best strategies to lower your tax liability, improve cash flow and so much more. We do this by identifying the deductions, credits and exemptions that your business is entitled to. We want you to keep more of your hard-earned money and by understanding your business, we can utilize our strategic skill set to apply tax law to the inner workings of your business, giving you the best possible outcome for your industry. We stay up-to-date with the ever changing tax law requirements and simultaneously provide you with knowledge that can help you operate more efficiently and alongside the best practices for your field.

Another area to help you prepare for the upcoming tax season is to get all your monthly financials and bookkeeping in order.  Leaving your monthly financials to the very end can cause you stress and overwhelm when it comes to prepping your taxes for your CPA. This also means that you don’t know what the cash flow for your business is. Having your monthly financials update not only allows you to be more prepared for tax season, it also will show you the cash flow of your business which will help you make more sound decisions within your business. At Lasiter and Lasiter, CPAs, we can help you create a checklist of tasks to complete each year that will help you prepare each year for tax season and will ease the burden of being overwhelmed when it is time to complete your taxes. With our expertise, we can guide you and your business to a more advanced level of understanding about what you need to do to to stay current with the tax liabilities for your industry and then in turn, what are the necessary bookkeeping functions that align with those responsibilities. Keeping up-to-date with necessary bookkeeping tasks can mean the difference between having a clear financial picture of your business versus a haphazard, incomplete version of what you “think” you know about your business. Trust in us, Lasiter & Lasiter CPAs to bring your business snapshot into a modern landscape of information and accurate bookkeeping and tax planning strategies.

Working with a CPA that you trust can make all the difference when it comes to getting ready for tax season. They are there to answer all your questions and to help guide you with what you need to know.  At Lasiter & Lasiter, your trusted accounting firm, we can help you with tax preparation, tax planning, your monthly bookkeeping and more.

Tax season does not need to feel overwhelming, in fact, with our tools and resources with you as our valued client, we can help make this year and future years, organized and less stressful by implementing our best practices. Knowledge can help cure a lot of fears when it comes to taxes and finances, once you know, you can start working on the problem. Our team has helped businesses from all walks of life gain better perspectives on their company and where they are headed. Reach out to us, whether you have a business in Indianapolis, IN or the surrounding area like, Greenwood, Southport, Bloomington, Franklin, Beech Grove, Bargersville. We would be happy to help you and your business with your accounting needs so that we can give you peace of mind while you focus on what you are passionate about. Give us a call today and let’s connect.

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